Every great design begins with an even better story. Lorinda Mamo, designer


Company’s profile

Since 1990 Ploutώ provides services to the Greek market, innovative design and new graphic and electronic applications in tradeshows and conventions. Our partnership with important companies in international level has given us the capability to improve our knowhow in exhibit applications and use it in the exhibits and conventions within Greek region.


Our thirty years experience in design and construction, our highly expertise and constant training designers guarantee high level of aesthetic and technical perfection. Ploutώ provides you an integrated solution for your stand. Concretely our graphic designers can create new graphics for your display, or process the already existing ones in order to match with the 3D design of the stand, achieving the maximum outcome for your messages.


Ploutώ guarantees construction perfection and customer support anywhere in Greece, Europe and the rest of the world if needed. The extended network of Skyline will be with you anywhere in the world.


We guarantee for the exceptional and top quality of our structural and portable systems, which are carefully designed and selected for each of your particular needs. The innovative design along with the quality materials used for the systems provide you superior presentation.



The flexibility and the diversity of the Skyline systems gives you the opportunity to adapt easily to space and to the particularity of each event.



All systems provided by Ploutώ are manufactured to be transported and installed as easy as possible. They are packed in PVC wheeled cases made for each separate system eliminating the danger of wear.


Our pop up systems can be transported easily and installed by single individual. They can function as an integrated stand providing all necessary need for a contemporary stand; backlit lighting, monitor mounting, shelves, vivid block light or backlight graphics.